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VIP Remote Fitness Training

- Access to our VIP Member Community FB group.
- Daily Workouts with Instructional or Live Videos
- Weekly Live Q&A’s with our Coaches
- Dedicated Accountability Coaching appointments with Coaches
- Meal Plan & Nutrition Guidance (waiving our normal Challenge fee for this!)
- Online Recipes, Meal Planning Tips, Recipe Videos, and other Nutrition Coaching
- In-person meetups (eventually, once that is socially acceptable) for runs and outdoor classes.
You’ll want to get in NOW so you can be eligible for the first week’s prizes in our concurrent WARRIOR CHALLENGE - details listed below. The challenge is optional, and included in your remote membership.
Weekly Warrior Challenge
Each day, our Coaches will post a brand new workout for you to do at home with a guided video. The videos will be demonstrative and educational to help you with form corrections, modifications, and progressions. Live video workouts will be scheduled as well. Completion of this daily workout earns you 4 POINTS.
We are also challenging you to move in other ways - taking a walk, hike, jog, bike ride, etc - 1 POINT for this added activity. Snap a picture of it and tag us on social media!
We encourage you to continue with your mindful food choices. We will award 3 POINTS for a meal-prep photo or outline, and 1 POINT for a photo of your healthy meal tagging us as your inspiration (we are, aren't we...?)
One of the most important things to manage during this crazy time is our mental health. Movement and good food choices set the stage - gratitude and laughter can help steal the show. Share something that will make us SMILE - a funny picture of you, random act of kindness, something you’re grateful for… anything to make the day better. 2 POINTS for that gold.
We want your friends and family to jump on this ride with you. All of these goodies are included in your regular membership, but if you REFER someone who wants to join, we can add them as virtual members for now (and hopefully get them in-house with you when this is all over…). You’ll get 5 POINTS for any successful referral.
Order Done-For-You frozen healthy meals delivered to your door for 2 POINTS (see details below).
What do your points get you? Besides the satisfaction of seeing your hard work in numbers…
The person who has the most points each week will be handsomely rewarded! We’ll share a list of things we have to offer shortly.
THE GRANDEST PRIZE will be awarded after 30 days - April 15th. And one lucky warrior will walk away with a FREE YEAR of VIP membership here at MWG!

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 12 week(s)
Attendance: Unlimited classes
Begin Date: Jul 12, 2020
End Date: Oct 4, 2020
Payment Terms
Price: $35.00 weekly

Due Now

First Installment  $35.00

Next Payment

Next Payment  $35.00(Jul 19, 2020)

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